Group Text Messaging is taking the SMS (short message service) & mobile marketing business in a new direction with marketing solutions that are not only reasonable in cost, but are customized to fit the individual SMS text marketing needs of every business. We offer our clients a superior experience by handling all the work that goes into marketing SMS, inbound and outbound.

Text Message Marketing, also known as mobile marketing is one of the most effective and cost efficient ways to market any business or service. The process to start reaching your customers via bulk SMS text messages is simple. We'll help you select a keyword unique to your purpose, promote your short code and keyword in your advertising and marketing campaigns for customers to respond to, and send your mobile marketing messages with our group text message software, to these customers as well as your existing list of customers you have cell phone numbers for. Watch your customers respond and cash in on your minimal investment. Any that do not want to receive these messages can opt-out immediately.

Example: Your company is a rewholesaler and you just got a trailer load of plants from a distressed sale. You need to move the as there is no room for them in your inventory. Truck lands at 7:45AM on a Monday. By 8:00AM, 250 SMS messages have gone out alerting your customers. Calls start coming in and the trailer is empty in two days.

Another example is a lawncare professional with two hundred lawns to mow weekly. It rains for three straight days. The next sunny day, everyone wants their lawn mowed that day which is an impossibility. They send out a text to all their lawn customers and let them know what day their lawn will be mowed, avoiding any misunderstandings.

The uses for Group Text Messaging are boundless and inexpensive. Please see pricing below.
Try it. Text FREE to 77948, and receive a text back from us. When you text, your mobile number is automatically captured, and this allows you to text back at will, a number of monthly texts you specify when they sign up.
Companies that need to get out a group message fast and timely such as a warning of an impending frost or when snowplowing will commence could also benefit.

There is a monthly fee of $23 for 500 outgoing, and unlimited incoming messages plus a one time fee of $25 for a keyword specific to your company. Larger plans available.
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