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Unique QR codes are generated in hi-res for the fee of $23 each, whether they are used once or a million times. Creation of an informational page for each plant variety is $73, with free hosting available on our servers. (please see sample.) NEED TO MAKE SAMPLE.
Growers, wholesalers, re-wholesalers, wholesale to the public and retail garden centers can all benefit from utilizing QR Codes.
QR Codes which stands for quick response, are a type of barcode which have recently found there way into consumer use, and in particular, the hort industry. They have become a perfect fit for plants that end up in the hands of consumers. What exactly do these codes do? They enable consumers with smartphones to scan the codes and instantly receive additional information. The information can basically take any form. As a for instance, a consumer purchases a tree that comes with a tag containing a QR code. The code is scanned and written instructions with a diagram of the tree are revealed. The same code could have just as easily taken the consumer to a video on YouTube™ showing planting instructions in HD!

Brands like Proven Winners®, The #1 Plant Brand®, are head and shoulders above the industry in the use of QR Codes on their plant tags which lead to a very robust database of information for 1000's of their annuals, perennials, and shrubs. Growers of all sizes have an excellent opportunity to brand their plants too, and QR codes are one simple opportunity to do so adding value to the plants that you sell to your resellers. We can handle the labels and the codes, as well as build the knowledebase you'll need to support the plants you grow and sell. We can work with growers of ten varieties or a hundred varieties or a thousand varieties. We will build your brand regardless of your size.

QR Codes are also very useful for signage at garden centers. Place a QR code into a perennial banner and your customer can scan it for planting instructions or other information you share to share be it a link to your Facebook page, or the current coupon. The uses for these codes are endless and they're easy and inexpensive to implement.
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