Facebook. Who hasn't heard of Facebook? Do you Facebook? Even if you do not Facebook, it's safe to say that many of your customers do and they are disappointed if your company does not. Conversely, don't be discouraged if your posting, but you have no audience. We can help and quickly gain you a targeted audience.

How often should you post, and what should you post about? Who will do the posting for you? Who responds to questions and comments?
All branded growers or those that want to grow their brand. Rewholesalers, wholesale to the public, retail garden centers, landscapers, lawn care, florists and other retail customer centric businesses can benefit from maintaining a presence on Facebook.

Business is all about relationships and and Facebook is a great way to build and maintain them, but consistency is the key. Posting once in January and again in May is worse than not having a Facebook presence at all.
Posting and PPC
Hort Marketers will supply the content, do the scheduling for you, and respond to questions and comments for a low monthly fee. We are horticultural professionals and have broad knowledge of this industry. If we don't know the answer to something, or don't have content that fits your needs, we'll get it.

Of all the Hort businesses in the country, Garden Centers are the group that post most frequently. That doesn't mean growers, wholesalers, and landscapers are exempt, it just means your posting will be less frequent, but not less important.
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