When I was just a young boy, my dad brought me by a house with a large horse chestnut tree that towered above me. What looked like green, spiked balls littered the ground. He explained to me that inside these capsules were the seeds of the Horse-chesnut. (Aesculus hippocastanum) He picked one up and tore off the capsule exposing a shiny, mahogany colored seed that I immediately fell in love with. It was magical.

It took many years, but the Horse-chestnut trees I grew with those seeds now bare their own seeds which still hold the magic the ones of my youth possessed.

My dad also taught me a lesson I will never forget on transplanting bare root trees. When an uninvited tree began to grow in our shrubbery beds, we dug it out and transplanted it somewhere in the yard, or at a neighbors home. The trick for survival he taught me was to apply a slow trickle from the hose for hours at a time. Wouldn't you know, we never  lost even one tree. Sometimes I think my dad would have given a home to every last tree that germinated in our gutters, though we had long run out of room in our yard and run out of neighbors we knew who wanted another orphan tree.

I guess it's fair to say I have plants on my mind practically all the time. Wherever I drive, whether in Massachusetts where I  grew up or in my new winter home in Delray Beach, FL, I constantly recite the names of the trees and shrubs I know in either their common name or scientific name, and the ones I don't know, I learn. In FL, I have fallen in love with a whole new family of plants and constantly find more to add to my favorites list.

My passion for plants, is perhaps only surpassed by my appetite for technology and the thrill and sense of accomplishment I get when the marketing services I provide measurably benefit my clients and the relationships they have with their customers and prospects.

I love plants, and I market what I love.

I have every confidence that no matter what end of the hort industry your company is involved in, there are services that I can offer you that will fulfill your marketing needs, and exceed your expectations.

Thank you for your consideration.

Very truly yours,

Larry Ross
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